Professional, Top Quality Bespoke Design, Alterations and
Repair Services for Bridal Wear and Prom

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Professional, bespoke design, alterations and repairs for prom dresses

Professional bespoke design, alterations and repairs to prom dresses including:



Zips / buttons


Beading / detailing

Shoulder adjustments

Strap adjustments

Sleeve adjustments


Professional design, alteration and repair services for prom dresses and ball gowns

Your prom night is a night to celebrate, have fun and one that you’ll want to look back on with fond memories.

It’s also an opportunity to express who you are and how you want to look, so special attention needs to be paid to how your dress fits in order to guarantee a stress-free evening.

Want a prom dress unique to you?

If you want to be absolutely sure your dress is one of a kind, what better way than to design your own tailor made prom dress?

It will speak volumes about your personality, so allow your sense of individuality to determine how the dress should be styled, what colours should be used and how the fabric ought to feel.

You may see yourself in a classy black dress, a striking red number or a cool blue. Then there’s the detailing and adornments to consider such as sequins and rhinestones - or maybe plain is perfect!

A tailor made prom dress is undoubtedly the best way to give you the choice and flexibility to express yourself in a distinctive way. In other words, our services can offer you exactly what you want the way you’ve always dreamed it would be. And the best bit is, it absolutely guarantees that you’ll be the only one at the prom with your dress!

Prom dress alterations

Even the most beautiful dress in the world won’t be seen at its best if it isn’t fitted correctly. Your dress needs to be snug but not tight and offer freedom of movement without being too loose.

Getting a perfect fit for your big night is vital for the way you will want to look, your comfort and your peace of mind - after all, you’ll probably have much more important things to think about.

Contact the experts

If you need any information on any aspect of our services for prom dresses - whether it’s with regard to a bespoke design, an alteration or a repair - then don’t hesitate, contact us today.

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